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What I think I look like vs. What I really look like--SCORPION CHALLENGE!

Ever wonder how those dancers you see on your favorite TV show or professional performance have so much flexibility? It's like you show up for class and do the stretches your instructor leads you through, but your left with the same thing every week... the same split, the same leg extension and when the ballet instructor instructs you to Développé you have that picture in your head of Misty Copeland in all her glory with the perfect leg lift ... but what you REALLY LOOK LIKE is this... The problem we see here is not the quality of the training you are receiving it is the QUANTITY in which you are training these elements. As teachers it is our responsibility to teach you new things yes, but i

Behind the Dance Resume

Behind the Resume Circa 1984 .. and so it began, the seed was planted, my life was forever changed [hahaha]… that face though! Fast forward : As a professional performer and adding lines to the piece of paper that “defined my success” for job and experience opportunities, I am thankful and feel privileged to have the fundamental background, encouragement, and time to prepare me for those lines. Today, as a dance teacher and a mom to a dancer, I am constantly reminded how important the other side of those lines are…. and how quickly time flies when it feels like all we say is “I can’t, I have dance” - why don’t I own this shirt yet, ha! I know my back story isn’t a whole lot different than mo

Why do I teach dance?

With all the changes going on at Pure Movement, there is one thing you can believe will always stay the same. The LOVE that our instructors have for your children and the PASSION they all have for dance are eternal and will never change. We asked a few of our teachers why they love to dance and why they love to teach. Just in case you ever wonder why Pure Movement is different, I truly believe it is because our instructors are here to establish relationships with our dance families to positively nurture and grow, and to pass down this love for dance to the next generation. We want to see your children succeed in both dance, and in life outside of dance. We want them to understand the meaning

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