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PMDC and PM Crew at Platinum National Dance Competition

PMDC and Crew had an OUTSTANDING WEEKEND at Platinum National Dance Competition at the Granville Arts Center this past weekend. Here's our results: Radha on the Dancefloor-Special Judge's Award "Spirit of Dance", Platinum, 3rd Overall, Invitation to Nationals Seven Years Old-Platinum Moana-Platinum, Champion of Category, 10th Overall Salute-Special Judge's Award "Eye-Popping Isolations", Platinum MJ Latin Remix-Gold Panda-Platinum Good Goodbye-Platinum Plus, 1st Overall, Invitation to Nationals Supercali-Platinum Let's Get Loud-Platinum, Champions of Category, 3rd Overall Little Girls-Platinum, 1st Overall Showgirls-Platinum Helpless-Platinum, 1st Overall River-Special Judge's Award "Precisi

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