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Behind the Dance Resume

Behind the Resume Circa 1984 .. and so it began, the seed was planted, my life was forever changed [hahaha]… that face though!

Ms. Amy Jo and Sister, Tami

Fast forward :

As a professional performer and adding lines to the piece of paper that “defined my success” for job and experience opportunities, I am thankful and feel privileged to have the fundamental background, encouragement, and time to prepare me for those lines. Today, as a dance teacher and a mom to a dancer, I am constantly reminded how important the other side of those lines are…. and how quickly time flies when it feels like all we say is “I can’t, I have dance” - why don’t I own this shirt yet, ha!

I know my back story isn’t a whole lot different than most “dancers” or anyone that has chosen to make their childhood/teen/young adult passion turn from a room full of trophies, competition t-shirts, decorated picture frames, ballerina trinkets, jewelry, posters [you get it] into a career + small obsession! I spent hours in the studio, I danced through grocery aisles, ripped holes in my feet, pushed myself until I threw up, listened to my music on an annoying level of repeat. BUT- here's mine-Dance…dance was my place, my second home, my safe haven, my no judgement, just me doing me working on myself place. I learned to push myself and believe in myself on those hardwood floors. I learned to be on a team, to be committed to more than myself, and accept constructive criticism. Sometimes I left class on an adrenaline rush, and sometimes I left crying because the Earth's axis was not on my side, and I couldn’t find my center in the pirouette sequence to save my LIFE! My teachers and (Momma) I am eternally grateful for, they created and allowed ALL of that! They allowed growth, accepted and viewed struggles as something to work through, not as failure, and taught me well that “can't never could!” My Mom.. my Mom was an awesome dance Mom “the Shniz” {she might kill me for saying that ha} she was always my biggest cheerleader and encourager, and man I would kill for that ponytail and braid facelift right now!! The one thing, and I know she pats herself on the back for this, is she always pushed us to try everything!!! Her favorite story to tell is when I called her to tell her that my agent in LA was most impressed and what set me apart was the fact that I could twirl!! That's right.. I have a mean figure 8!!

The memories I have and knowledge that I have gained through this small dose of detail is what drives me to be my best at the front lines of the dance room. I know and understand what it takes for those lines to appear on that piece of paper, and I know the level of excitement typing those lines has as well. The pain was worth the gain… the lessons of time management as I got older, the growth from being told no... try again, sitting out for injury, dancing through torn skin {ouch}, dancing through adolescent emotions or fighting with my parents/SiStEr… the time was worth it. Everything was worth it.

I am the teacher, Mom and person I am today because of the other side of my resume that puts me in front of your awesome kids, and I am lucky beyond measure to have a place to call my second home… the RESUME is still pretty sweet too if you ever want to see it [teehee]

Ms. Amy Jo

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