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Mr. Keith shares his ABSTRAKT Plans...

Never did I imagine that my dance life would take me on a journey to impact so many kids lives. Being able to make a living/career out of dance has been a true blessing but having the opportunity to be a positive influence/mentor to children through dance has been the greatest reward. Dance has given me the platform to help youth see life in a different perspective. It truly feels that I am literally living out my purpose in life. With this mindset I created Abstrakt Krew, which is a Hip Hop crew, based between two studios with five teams.


My goal is to open a new world and give insight to the dancers of what is going on in lives of the less fortunate. While performing throughout the DFW Metroplex, our goal is to first and foremost help those in need within our communities....Giving Back!

Abstrakt Krew will be travelling to Austin next weekend to showcase and receive intense Hip Hop training at Monsters of Hip Hop from top industry choreographers.

The journey is just beginning...stay tuned! ~Mr. Keith

Mr. Keith Green-Director of ABSTRAKT KREW

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