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Why do I teach dance?

With all the changes going on at Pure Movement, there is one thing you can believe will always stay the same. The LOVE that our instructors have for your children and the PASSION they all have for dance are eternal and will never change. We asked a few of our teachers why they love to dance and why they love to teach. Just in case you ever wonder why Pure Movement is different, I truly believe it is because our instructors are here to establish relationships with our dance families to positively nurture and grow, and to pass down this love for dance to the next generation. We want to see your children succeed in both dance, and in life outside of dance. We want them to understand the meaning of hard work and dedication, and that there are seasons in life. Seasons of sometimes being the best, sometimes of being the worst, and seasons of being somewhere in the middle. Kindness and respect are core values at PM. We are truly grateful you have chosen us as your dance home, and want you to know that even though our lobby shrunk....our hearts grew, as we get to share our love for dance to even more dancers. Thank you all for continually getting used to our "new normal" lobby, and trusting the process!

-Ms. Emily

I teach to give passion, build courage, encourage self discipline and work ethic, show kindness and grace along with fundamentals of dance and performance. My goal is to spread my love for dance and lessons I’ve learned to live by because of Dance through the classroom. -Ms. Amy Jo

I have a HUGE passion for the art of movement and how therapeutic it can be. I love to watch students learn and grow, and being a dance teacher is the most rewarding profession to be in. That moment when the light bulb “clicks” with a student, and they understand the dance step they have been practicing so hard to get; that moment is why I teach. To see a student’s face light up, takes me back to all those moments I had as a young dancer. Dance was, and is a huge building block to my life and to who I am today, and if I can sprinkle even the tiniest bit of that into my students, I have succeeded.

-Ms. Kaylee

I started teaching at age 15 and continue to teach because I love knowing I have made a difference in the life of a child. Dance is a catalyst to make each child feel they matter. My first class I ever taught had 9 kids. I am still close and hear from 7 of those 9! Take away my students, you take away part of my heart!

-Ms. Caren

Most people think “Oh, Miss Brenna, dance is her whole life.” And in a way, they’re right. It’s not dance itself that’s my whole life, but the relationships it has brought me. I cherish every relationship with every child. In fact, nothing breaks my heart more than when I build years and years of relationships with dancers and then they choose to move studios or try something new. I miss the kiddos who have taught me just as much as I have taught them. After 18 years of teaching, I wouldn’t be who I am today with out my dancers and their parents. So yeah, do I love dance? Yes, more than anyone will ever know. But I love the relationships more than dance itself. They are what keep me going.

-Ms. Brenna

I love Pure Movement because I have poured myself into all of it since BEFORE THE DOORS EVER OPENED! The kids are my top priority! Training them to be incredible dancers and even better humans is all I want to see happen! I have never stopped teaching in over 21 years because... it’s in my soul! Passion isn’t just what you're excited about, it’s what you can’t live another day without doing it! That’s what I think about dance!

-Ms. Liz

My first love is performing, I love being on stage. There is something about it that is addicting. But due to injuries my professional career was cut short and I discovered that I also had a passion for teaching. I love being able to provide a safe space for kids to come and learn and grow. I love molding kids to be performers themselves, or give them tools that will make them great teachers one day, or just plain having fun for those that are just here for that reason. I also am passionate about infusing injury prevention into my classes to make sure every kid I teach has the knowledge to dance healthy and take care of their bodies. AND most importantly I LOVE the hugs I get at the end of each class.

-Ms. Cristen

Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your family's life. It is going to be a great dance season!

The Scoville Family

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