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Each child is UNIQUE, and I work with that uniqueness! -Ms. Caren

As Pure Movement's Childrens Program Director, let me share what I love so much about my job...

When I started teaching, I taught all ages, but my heart loved the 2-6 year old range. It’s a joy to watch a child, who cried every class when dropped off, dry their tears and participate in class. For many children they have never been in a structured class at this age. What I do is so much more than teach dance steps. I teach your child to be independent and play within boundaries and instructions. Children love music and need to move and wiggle. Dance is such an amazing way for boys and girls to learn. With time and patience even the shy children who stand and watch become active participants. Tears, stubbornness and shyness are all normal at this young age. Please never look at other children in a class and compare. While I teach a class, each child is unique and I work with that uniqueness. I look forward to new students and returning littles every year because even if they move on to other sports or activities they take with them what dance class taught! Hopefully each year they take my love with them and fly!

-Ms. Caren

If you would like for your sweet child to experience a class with Ms. Caren, please get registered today, as our Fall Classes are almost full.

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