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Improv with Ms. Kaylee

Ms. Kaylee loves to push her students’ comfort zones in her Contemporary/Improvisation class! This particular exercise focuses on isolations of the body. "We take away the big “flashy” movements, and work on intricacy and musicality through our smaller movements. The students start by only moving their neck and head; they are pushed to work on timing, textures, and patterns. They then move their focus into the shoulders and arms, all while utilizing the neck and head movements as well. This goes down the body, until they are able to go “full out” and use every part of their body. This exercise helps students become more aware of the parts of the body they don’t normally favor in their improv, and forces them to get uncomfortable and find new pathways of movement through the isolations. This is a level 1/2, and they were beautiful!”

Ms. Kaylee

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