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Bursting with pride!!!

Before I get to listing all the awards, recognitions, and CRUISE we won this weekend, I want to brag about what REALLY MATTERS.

I saw seven young dancers that made a choice to compete a solo for the very first time in their short little lives, work their tails off over the past weeks and months, and step out on stage all by themselves to be judged by 3 strangers. Not to mention, they were fabulous!!

I saw a young dancer overcome her anxiety of being on stage by herself, pull through, get on stage, and dance more beautifully and vulnerable than she has ever danced before.

I saw a dancer that no longer competes with PM but with another studio, being embraced, cheered on, and loved by my company. True story...we can all get along!!!

I saw my Crew get thrown the biggest curveball they could have been thrown the week before their first competition. With the help of an amazing teacher, they were able to come out stronger willed than before, and danced their faces off!!!

I saw a group of parents donate hours and hours and hours to even days of their EXTREMELY busy lives to creating incredible props.

I saw praying before going out on the stage.

I saw studios complimenting other studios.

I saw my dancers dance with more emotion and passion than I've ever seen them dance before.

I saw parents go with the flow when the schedule got behind.

I saw mothers cry tears of joy and pride for their children.

I saw my team clapping for the team that won the tower trophy.

I saw kids that chose drill team over studio team this last year come sit in the audience and scream for their old teammates. Their love and support for their friends was astonishing and just beautiful!

I saw so much beauty this weekend, and it wasn't just the choreography and costumes. It was REAL LIFE!!! It was who these children are going to become as adults!!! Beautiful adults! That is what is important to me! We may not have won that tower trophy, but we won way more! I'm BURSTING with pride. This is what is important to Pure Movement. Maybe 1% of our dancers will dance as adults....but if we have anything to do with it, they will be GOOD adults.


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