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Fitness Instructor

Suzanne Bennett. I am married to a supporting husband and have two wonderful children ages 14 & 12 1/2. I am so glad to be a part of Pure Movement! I am a stay at home MOM, yet I work part time in teaching Pilates & TRX Suspension training. I have practiced Yoga for over 5 years, love Barre training and a former Figure body builder. I love working out in the gym or outside. Eating healthy and stay fit are my goals. It’s a daily choice to take pride in what I do each day. Showing my family every day how to have a great healthy life style, working out, staying focus and surround yourself with positive people can make your world a better place!!

How can I help you today?? Let me please try. Please reach out. Come take my class at Pure Movement. Make the right choices and see the results. Training for Figure Competitions taught me how to eat right, mental discipline in the gym and set goals for yourself. Enjoy the ride!! XOXO

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