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Luke Kolling

Luke Kolling started dancing at a young age and hasn't stopped since. Through dance, Luke's been able to teach, live and preform in a multitude of places. In his professional career he's had the opportunity to work with many top artists in the industry and companies alike; such as Vanessa Williams, Amber, Gloria Estefan, Target, Hilton, Warner Bros., Disney, Wendy's and Redken. He's danced on stages in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, or the occasional city near you in a variety of different venues from stage to TV. Not only did Luke have a niche for performing he also had a love for creating.

Early on his passion for creating was found in teaching and choreographing. His smooth style and ability to create the perfect dance atmosphere is what enables him to train a dancer who is confident and care free. Since the late 90's, Luke has been choreographing and teaching, doing master classes, dance camps, conventions and in-studio choreography. He's directed and choreographed a wide range of shows and feels privileged to have worked in so many aspects of this field.

From 2005-2011 he was the Co-owner, director of Motion Center for Dance in Dallas, TX. During this time he had the opportunity to learn the "ins and outs" of having a studio as well as working with a group of students he could inspire and be inspired by every day. Many of his students have gone on to dance for colleges of their choice such as Juilliard, NYU, OCU, Chapman and others have moved on to New York or LA to continue their careers in companies, shows, cruise ships, or become teachers themselves.

Furthering his student base Luke then moved to MN to teach at the world renowned Larkin Dance Studio. Now living and based out of Texas Luke continues to share his talents with others locally and around the country. 

Mandi Kolling

Mandi Kolling knew at a young age the dance world would definitely be in her future. Being trained in all areas of dance and specializing in Jazz, Tap, Contemporary & Technique, Mandi stresses the importance of being a well rounded and strong dancer.

Mandi has had the opportunity to dance and work in almost all areas of the entertainment industry. While living in New York and California, she continued her training and began her performing career. She's performed in numerous industrials, shows, benefits and awards shows while working with some amazing artists along the way. From MAC makeup to Pfizer pharmaceutical, Tap shows to Swing shows, the MTV VMAS to Dancers Responding to Aids, she's been fortunate to perform in a variety of styles and events. All that time, Mandi became heavily involved in teaching, whether in studio or traveling as a master teacher on convention. She also has judged for a wide range of competitions and loves being able to offer her critiques and share her knowledge.

Deciding to embark on a new adventure, Mandi moved to Dallas, TX to co-own/direct Motion Center for Dance for six years. She found her true passion lied in choreographing and working with kids on a more continuous and ongoing basis. Through Motion, the privilege was given to be able to train and be a part of some amazing peoples lives, and give them the tools needed to go on and achieve their dreams. After Motion, Mandi continued training passionate dancers at Larkin Dance Studio where she once trained herself years ago. Many of her students have gone on to dance professionally in shows, companies, and cruise ships. Others dance through college, programs including Juilliard, The University of Minnesota, NYU, Chapman, and OCU.

Mandi's energetic classes and innovative choreography is why she's in constant demand among many. Her "mind over matter" mentality is what keeps her students inspired, while her students continue to inspire her. Most recently she's continuing to teach and choreograph, while judging and occasionally performing. Living in a place she now calls "home", she is more than excited to share her experiences with others. 

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