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Meet our PM Families


Meet the Wilhite Family


James and Leanna are teen sweethearts! Their love story began 13 years ago when Leanna was a Senior in high school.  Out of High School, James began his job at Harley Davidson Financial Services all while pursuing his Masters from UTD!  Leanna puts all her energy into her home and her children while nannying out of her home for other families.  They have 2 children, Sydney who will be 10 years old next month and Denver who is 3 ½.


As a family, the Wilhite’s love laughing at each other, eat some good food together, play board games and work on puzzles together! There is either a Cowboy game or a University of Kentucky basketball game playing on their television. 


The Wilhite’s joined the PM family back in 2013 when Sydney was 4 years old and say that this is their second home! Leanna says “The realtionships we’ve made with the staff and fellow families is something we deeply treasure! Sydney has literally grown up inside this dance studio. The positive influence of the instructors and staff is immeasurable.  We love being a part of the PM family and can’t wait to see where this journey continues to take us!”


On behalf of all of us at PM, we thank you James and Leanna for sharing your family and your daughter with us!



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Meet the Rodriguez Family!

Robert and Glenda Rodriguez are high school sweethearts! The Rodriguez family was established 10 years ago when Robert and Glenda said their  I do’s! They have lived in Allen since 2005.  This  beautiful couple are parents to 3 year old, Karlee, and her sister, a four legged malti-poo.

Karlee joined the PM family in September of 2018.  She takes class from Mrs. Brenna.  The Rodriguez family says they are so excited to be part of this dance family. 

On behalf of Pure Movement, we welcome the Rodriguez family and are thankful you are sharing sweet Karlee with us!

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