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PMDC, PM CREW, and PM DIVA SQUAD made us proud as pudding pie at StarQuest Regionals!! Check it out!...

Bird Set Free- Platinum, Top in Category, Special Judge's Award "Intense Passion Award"

The Chocolate Room-Platinum, First Place Top Score, Award of Distinction

Scared of Me-Platinum, First Place Top Score

Mobbin'-Platinum, Special Judge's Award "Ridiculously Raw", First Place Top Score, Industry Dance Award for Hip Hop, IDA People's Choice Award

Yes Men-High Gold, 3rd Overall, Award of Distinction

Showgirls-High Gold, Award of Distinction

Over the Rainbow-High Gold

River-High Gold, Top in Category

Lost Boy-High Gold

Rise Up-High Gold

Wait for Me-Platinum, 5th Overall

Everybody's Waiting-High Gold

Radha on the Dancefloor-High Gold, Outstanding Petite Solo Costume, 5th Overall

7 Years Old-High Gold

Moana-High Gold

Salute-Platinum, Award of Distinction, 3rd Overall, Special Judge's Award "Super Star"

Panda-High Gold, First Place Top Score

MJ Latin Remix-Gold

Little Girls-High Gold, First Place Top Score

Let's Get Loud-High Gold, Special Judge's Award "Jazz Divas", First Place Top Score

Lose Control Remix-High Gold, 2nd Overall

Rainbow-Platinum Plus, First Place Top Score, Industry Dance Award for Contemporary, Select Apogee Award

Hollywood Wiz-Platinum, 2nd Overall, Award of Distinction, Industry Dance Awards for Musical Theatre

Helpless-Platinum, First Place Top Score, Industry Dance Award for Jazz

Mama Makes Three- High Gold

Colorblind-Platinum, 2nd Overall, Award of Distinction

Good Goodbye-Platinum Plus, First Place Top Score

Supercali-Platinum Plus, Award of Distinction, Teen/Senior Fusion Award, 3rd Overall

Simple Joys of Maidenhood-High Gold, 2nd Overall

Burn-High Gold, First Place Top Score Vocal Award, Special Judge's Award "Music to my Ears"

Forest Fire-High Gold, Top in Category

Shadows-Platinum, Top in Category, 5th Overall

Daddy Lessons-Platinum, 7th Overall

Island-Platinum, Top in Category, Award of Distinction, 2nd Overall

Tread Water-Platinum, 6th Overall

Roses-Platinum Plus, Top in Category, Top Score, First Place Top Score

Tilted-Platinum, Top in Category

I Can Cook Too-Platinum

Annie Get Your Gun-Platinum, Top in Category

Sweet Charity-Platinum, Top in Category

Good Girl-Platinum Plus, Top in Category, Outstanding Senior Solo Costume

Pure Movement-Studio Choreography Award Kay Fisher-Emerging Artist Miss StarQuest Sophia Schooley-Junior Miss Photogenic Ruhi Pawar-Award of Distinction in Photogenic Serena Wyatt-Award of Distinction in Photogenic Abbey Forrester-Competition Kindness Award Meredith Egger-Competition Kindness Award

Miss StarQuest Kay Fisher with choreographer Kaylee White

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